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What is your wish?

Japamala necklaces

The necklaces that grant wishes

Because we believe dreams should come true, all our collections include a japamala necklace or bracelet with a variety of colors and stones inspired by the collection theme.

Japamala is also known as a wish necklace, ancient beliefs say it helps us achieve our wishes when accompanied by rituals of faith and love.
The name Japamala explains its symbology and the way we should use it.

Meaning of the name
“Japa” means “murmur”, whisper”.

“Japa” is practiced by yogis, it consists of the repetition of mantras, parts of scriptures or of divinity in a whispered tone.

The repetition of these mantras, the “Japa”, is like a created chain of energy around everything we wish for.

“Mala” is a word with several meanings in Sanskrit, in this specific case it means “string or chain of beads”.

We have therefore two chains, a material one – “Japa” and a physical one – “Mala”. The spiritual energies invoked by “Japa” strengthen the “Mala”. Usually, the “Mala” which contains 108 beads is used to whisper the “Japa”. A “Mala” can also be comprised of multiples of 108 beads in order to maintain the required count.

By following these spiritual mathematics, Mary Tale offers Japamalas with the appropriate number of beads in 3 different sizes in order to create positive thought chains.

We have sizes suitable for mothers and children.

Once the middle bead of the “Mala” known as “Meru” is reached, we have then concluded the “Japa” as all the required beads to complete the exercise have been considered.

Several people believe a form of meditation is developed by repeating the mantras. Due to this, the mind focuses on the content of the mantra and consequently thoughts become positive and powerful, these can and should also be combined with a slow and deep breathing exercise.

How should the Japamala be used?

It´s extremely simple and very easy!

We should hold the string of beads – the Japamala with our right hand and let it slide over the middle finger.
At the same time, the indicator should not touch the beads, meaning it should be pointing during the mantra repetition period – the “Japa”

We should use “Meru” as a guide.

We always start by the biggest bead – the “Meru”, that means “mountain”, it should not be counted nor touched by the thumb, Meru is only the starting and ending point of the bead count.

The Mala beads should be slid towards us, one by one, between our thumb and our middle finger, using the thumb to count and move each bead. The chosen mantra should be recited while pulling each bead gently until each series of mala bead count is completed.

It is extremely important to maintain a strong mind while focusing on the breathing process, counts and chosen mantra.

Japamalas are also useful to alleviate tension, anxiety, and fear. They allow us to reach higher levels of consciousness and spiritual accomplishment.

Japamalas also increase happiness and meditation skills.

And now you´re fully aware of all the benefits of this special necklace, have a look at our necklaces and bracelets and inspire yourself to achieve your wishes!

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